CISV Indonesia

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Vision and Mission

Our Vision is that to have CISV Peace Education provides us with the Attitudes, Skills and Knowledge we need to become agents of change, both locally and globally; in other words to become Active Global Citizens.

Supporting our Vision, we aspire to have CISV educates and inspires action for a more just and peaceful world. The mission is included in our organization Statement of Educational purpose as well.

To view the Statement of Educational Purposes, please refer to the following document.



Multicultural experiences, which is what we offers to the young generations.

We respect that the world is building up uniquely, and it is also connected to all of us in today's era, where we can talk and share to all of our friends around the world in many ways. Emails, Chats, you name it.

Find our our many exciting and diverse activities directly from our global site:


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Our Office

CISV Indonesia
Citilofts Sudirman
Floor 15, No. 25A
Jakarta Selatan
Office Hours: Monday to Thursday (11:00-13:00)
Phone/ Fax: +62 21 25558926

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Chapter Jakarta - Cendrawasih

Chapter Jakarta - Krakatau