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CISV Indonesia Fact Sheet

Hestia UtomoCISV Indonesia (CISV INA) was founded in October 1991 by Hestia Utomo. Having first heard about CISV in 1990 while attending a seminar abroad, she managed to send the first Indonesian delegation to a village in Sweden in 1991. Their wonderful experience encouraged Hestia and her friends to further develop CISV in Indonesia.

Since then, CISV INA has grown continuously. In June 1992, two delegations were sent to Villages in Sweden and in Chattanooga (USA), and in August 1992, Hestia Utomo presented CISV INA at the International Board Meeting in Tokyo, Japan.

In November 1992, two chapters were formed: Chapter Krakatau (South and easy Jakarta) with Rose Marie Kartodirjo as President, and Chapter Cendrawasih (North and West Jakarta) with Mira Wisendha as President, while Hestia became President of the CISV Indonesia National Association (NA)


In January 1993, with the help of our dear friend Carol Daniels (CISV USA), CISV INA was formed as a foundation in front of a notary, and in 1995, the organization was registered at the Indonesian Ministry of Education. In August 1996, CISV INA was promoted to category B, which means Indonesia has the right to vote in the International Board Meeting (IBM).
Since its early days, CISV INA participated regularly in the annual IBMs. In 1996, CISV INA had the honor to host the Asia Pacific Workshop in Jakarta. CISV INA continues its commitment to follow CISV programmes such as Interchanges, Summer Camps, Seminar Camps, Villages, etc. One of the most exciting years for CISV INA was the year 2001 when it successfully hosted the very first village named Gado-Gado Village in Jakarta over the world. In the same year, it had to mourn the death of its founder, Hestia Utomo.

As of today, CISV Indonesia continues to regularly participate in all the programs available in the spirit of CISV.
History noted that in 1965 there was First Indonesian delegation sent to a Village overseas, then in 1978 another delegation was sent to Japan but the sending stopped after that and no progress was made until Hestia Utomo developed the form of this organization in Indonesia. 


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